When the student has completed a minimum of 24 jumps and has shown proficiency in all required areas by completing the A license proficiency card, the student does another "check dive" with an USPA AFF Instructor. The instructor is observing to make sure the student has the knowledge and skills necessary to be a safe skydiver. Once the student has a successful check dive, has completed a minimum of 25 jumps, completes the A license proficiency card, and passes a written and verbal test administered by the AFF Instructor, an A license is issued. To get the official USPA card with the license number issued on it, the student mails/faxes in a copy of the A license application and A license proficiency card signed by the instructor to USPA.

With an A license, a skydiver can rent gear and jump at most dropzones in the United States. Subsequent licenses and ratings can be obtained that allow the skydiver more jump privileges and instructional ratings.