Triangle Skydiving Center offers a flexible student progression program to accomodate students with varying levels of affinity to skydiving.  While students must start with the tandem progression program, they may continue into the Accelerated Freefall Program (AFF Categories A - C2, IAF Categories D1 - E) after their first tandem if their instructor feels they are ready to do so. Alternatively they may continue through the tandem progression until both their instructor and the student feels it is time to make the jump to flying their own canopy.  This choice allows each student to customize the program based on his or her personal goals and comfort levels.  No matter which program is selected, with successful jump at the required levels, it is possible for the student to have his or her license in as little as 25 jumps!

Before beginning the AFF program, students must attend a ground school class that lasts approximately 4-6 hours to learn emergency and landing procedures.  At this time, the student also applies for membership to USPA, the United States Parachute Association. To get a headstart on the classroom portion of ground school, potential students can use the new USPA online groundschool website that will allow students to review the content they will be covering in class at their own pace.

Students wear their own parachute during AFF and IAF jumps, and are accompanied by up to two USPA AFF Instructors during the exit from the airplane and freefall.  The instructors assist the student maintain stability and altitude awareness if necessary and will remain with the student until they have deployed their parachute.  While under canopy, the student will be in radio contact with a ground based instructor to assist with landing procedures.

The student progression at TSC requires a minimum of 4 AFF jumps (Categories A - C2) with two instructors, and 3 IAF jumps (Categories D1 - E) with one instructor.  After being released from the AFF/IAF portion of the training program students will enter the coached portion of the training program where they will sharpen their freefall skills and learn to further control their fall rate, manuever in the sky and perform group activities.